ARTCEB is an Art Centre in Botopasi, a small village in the interior of Suriname, Carribean South America. ARTCEB hosts an international residency program to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing artistic production through cultural exchange. ARTCEB, the platform for progressive art exchange, is a member of Res Artis, the worldwide network of artist-residencies and residential art centers. It is supported by the Sepu foundation and working closely together with artist run initiative ARTOTS (NL)

AIRP2018 - Not your ordinary catch

AIRP2018 - Not your ordinary catchNot your ordinary catch

Thursday, September 13 - 16, 9:00 - 17:00

Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 13, 2018 19:30–21:00

Surinaams Museum - Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo

‘Not Your Ordinary Catch’ is a contemporary art exhibition featuring new work by:
Angelika Steiger
Nicole Van Straatum
Isidoor Wens (Suriname / The Netherlands)

All artwork has been created on-site in the interior of Suriname at Art Centre Botopasi (ARTCEB). Annually, international artists are invited to participate at the ARTCEB International Residency Program (AIRP2018), a platform for progressive art exchange, located in the Saramaccan village of Botopasi, Sipaliwini, Suriname.


Green calm jungle-moon
mirrors in the dark river
songbirds – crying

Haiku by Lotti Kofler,
Arlesheim, Switzerland

review Review and exhibition

Angelika Steiger

Angelika Steiger
Angelika Steiger (b. 1959) in Liechtenstein, lives and works in Basel/Switzerland and London. She gained her Master of Arts degree in Fine Art from the University of the Arts London (Wimbledon College of Art). Since 1993 she has solo and group exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia, where her works can be found in private and public collections.

Angelika Steiger explores, plays and stretches meaning and use of materials. In her work she takes natural objects and discarded material, but also memories or experiences as the point of departure and forms them into objects and images of imagination, poesie and sensibility. In this exhibition she shows beside her installation and objects a series of sgraffitos and monoprints, in addition to paintings – all inspired by her 3 month long stay in Suriname.

During her artist residency at ARTCEB in Botopasi she learnt a lot about the flow in the Saramaccan way of living and their philosophy of life, and feels enriched and inspired. At the
same time she realised that no matter where s.b. is born, we all are part of a circle, formed by conventions and expectations from outside and inside – living in a self-made cage just like
picolettos (song birds).



Nicole Van Straatum

Nicole Van Straatum
Nicole Van Straatum (b. 1992) is a multimedia artist and producer of Surinamese and Irish-American descent based in New York City. Her practice is centered around documentation, process, and connection.

Van Straatum’s on-going project, Suriname Journal, examines the cultural, historical, and visceral effects of de-colonization in her father’s homeland of Suriname – which in result, is an immensely diverse society. Spanning mediums, platforms, and formats, the journal cultivates a visual database, community and conversation in relation to the Surinamese identity.

For her photographic work featured in Not Your Ordinary Catch, Van Straatum intimately explores the power of images; not only as a device to hold memories, but rather a mirror of dreams and realities for the Saamakan youth. In collaboration with the Botopasi locals, she developed stylized portraits, showcasing the intersection of tradition meets city-influenced modernity. The concept of image-making inherently attracted the village’s younger generation, as an opportunity to depict their own fantasies and truths – approached from a gaze both sensitive and sensual.

Isidoor Wens

Isidoor Wens
Isidoor Wens is the Founder of ARTOS (Art on the Spot, The Netherlands) and ARTCEB (Art Centre Botopasi, Suriname). He received his education at Utrecht School of the Arts, 1993 - 1995. His work focuses on human figures with an emphasis on fertility symbols, and examines the void wherein lies the foundation of the existing present through the mediums of performance, painting and sculptures.

Examining the void wherein lies the foundation of the existing present …
On a journey to his roots, he is charged with energy. Coming home illuminates the disparity thatmarks the realm of perspective he has developed into from the familiar complacency of hisorigins. Isidoor Wens creative works are extracted from the multi-layered world he inhabits. Theartworks shown in the group exhibition depicts a juggledand woven perception of daily-life. Withthe pieces, he seeks reconciliation between an interior awareness and the realities of externalcontext.


CALL - AIRP2018 Botopasi Suriname

Residency period: July 1 until September 16, 2018
Deadline application: March 5, 2018

During this period there will be three subjects we will lay emphasis on: art, ceramic, theater & music.

We invite all disciplines. Artists have to be able to work independently.
As always an artist will focus on his own program. But we will always tailor your stay.

The soil on site will be tested and used to create art. We will continue to experiment with different firing technics and work on a ceramic installation. In 2016 we started to make art that stays at the Center. Every individual artist decides whether he donates a piece to Art Center Botopasi.

At the Botopasi Event in we developed a great corporate theater project whit the locals. Every year we will produce such a project or fine tune one. The aim is to work with professionals that will uplift the local activities. The projects wil be documented for our archive. Maureen Koenders provided several music workshops during the Botopasi Event. She enthousiastically proposed to participate again at the Botopasi Event.

Deadline application: March 5, 2018
International artists are invited to participate at the Artceb International Residency Program (AIRP) at ARTCEB, the platform for progressive art exchange, located in Botopasi Suriname, Carribean South A

Call for artists

Artist residency at Art Center Botopasi (ARTCEB)

Botopasi, Suriname, South America

Residency period to be agreed.

Artists in any fine art subject media and/or discipline. During their residency the artists will work on the project described in their proposal, which is approved by the ARTCEB selection committee.

ARTCEB is member of Res Artis. It is also supported by the Sepu foundation and is working closely together with art podium ARTOTS (NL). Be aware that we do not provide funding to cover residency costs. For example Dutch artists can apply for funding at Mondriaan Foundation.

1. Group welcome
2. Getting to know Botopasi and Paramaribo (incl. visits to locals, museums, meetings with students, artists, curators and other members of the Surinamese world of art).
3. Lecture, presentation or See & Talk session during which information will be presented about art professionals and/or the previous work period and professional activities in the residency. It is followed by Q&A session and public discussion.
4. 'Open Studio' event
5. Workshop conducted by a resident (subject, material, age group and form to be agreed)
6. Final presentation in Botopasi
7. Final group event - Exhibition / Performance / Other at Paramaribo Suriname (if applicable)
8. Publication of the annual residency catalogue (if applicable)

€ 45.00 per day per person for the agreed period of the residency.

If you know anyone who might be interested in applying or collaborating with ARTCEB please do not hesitate to forward this information.

• ARTCEB AIRP2018 Application form (.doc file)
• ARTCEB AIRP2018 program (.pdf file)
• ARTCEB AIRP2018 FAQ (.pdf file)
• ARTCEB accomodations (.pdf file)



T-shirt Botopasi Event
T-shirt Botopasi Event

ARTCEB headquarter. In front of the building an installation is being made on
top of the remains of the family home, which was burned by the military in 1986.

Botopasi Event
Full of joy at Botopasi Event


Wim Vonk
Artist Wim Vonk at work in the Suriname river with river clay.

Airstrips as you find them in the area.

Exhibition in the recreation hal in Botopasi.


History ARTCEB
Botopasi Event




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