CALL for artists 2012

Artist residency at Art Center Botopasi (ARTCEB)

Botopasi Suriname

Residency period June 16 - August 21, 2012
Deadline for application: March 15, 2012

International artists are invited to apply. Artists from all disciplines, both local and international. During their residency the artists will work on the project described in their proposal, which is approved by the ARTCEB sellection commitee.

ARTCEB is member of Res Artis. It is also supported by the Sepu foundation and is working closely together with art podium ARTOTS (NL). Be aware that we do not provide funding to cover residency costs.

ARTCEB offers:
• Individual residency
• Project recidency
• Residency for young participants
• Residency for former participants

Please note that there is no stipend or living allowance attached to these residencies. However we support funding requests with a letter of invitation when artists take the initiative to approach funding agencies. We also look for a direct relationship with funding bodies. After negotiating with funding partners there’s a possibility that selected artists only have to pay a portion of their travel costs.

ARTCEB covers:
• expenses of in- and outdoor workspaces
• kitchen and kitchen aquipment
• the organisation costs for traveling in the neighborhood of Botopasi.
The artist will also be provided with a working space and access to Surinamese communities and presentation possibilities.

map Suriname

Program highlights

1... Welcome Party
2. Getting to know Botopasi and Paramaribo (incl. visits to locals, museums, meetings with students, artists, curators and other members of the Surinamese world of art).
3. Lecture, presentation or See & Talk session during which information will be presented about art professionals and/or the previous work period and professional activities in the residency. It is followed by Q&A session and public discussion.
4. 'Open Studio' event
5. Workshop conducted by a resident (subject, material, age group and form to be agreed)
6. Final event - Exhibition / Performance / Other
7. Publication of the annual residency catalogue (if applicable)

Acrobat Downloads:
• ARTCEB IRP2012 application form
• ARTCEB International Residencies Program 2012